Vayani Dilrukshi
Quantity Surveyor in Civil Engineering


I always like your guidance sir. You were my boss, my father, my friend time to time. I can remember all of them. You advised me when we were going to sites. Specially Kandy Project. Thank you so much sir. I stayed out of home for the first time, to work for you at Design Team Online. I have learned a lot about society & how to work as a professional team. I have got invaluable experience and knowledge from you to improve my carrier. 

I specifically remember madam. She used to come early in the morning to the office to worship Lord Buddha. I love her work as well. I didn't feel like working the days when the smell of incense was not in the office.  Those were the days that Madam was not at the office. I worshiped instead of her. I think in my past life I have done good things, that's why I met both of you at the beginning of my journey. Thank you very much. GODAK PIN.